Endocrinology Fellowship Resources

Endocrinology Fellowship Resources

A collection of resources for endocrinology fellows, residents and medical students. What are the best books for endocrinology, landmark trials, podcasts and board review for endocrinology certification?

Endocrinology Podcasts

This podcast from the Endocrine Society features various leading experts in endocrinology. This can be listened to during your commute to work or on days when reading fatigue sets in. Available on both Google music and Apple iTunes.


This is a free podcast from The Lancet (Diabetes and Endocrinology) Journal. It also features leading experts in the field of endocrinology discussing landmark clinical trials. It can be streamed from the apple iTunes app.

Point of Care Endocrinology Books

A pocket-sized book is critical in perusing high yield facts on the go. Diseases are grouped by pathophysiology, clinical features, investigations, treatment, and follow-up. This book is ideal in the clinic or on the wards and allows for a quick review of facts. Kindly keep this in the side pocket of your white coat.

As an endocrinology fellow, your responsibilities include taking a complete history and physical and formulating a treatment plan. Balancing this with a pre-presentation literature review can be daunting in a fast-paced clinic or inpatient setting where time is a limited resource.

Self Study Books (Rapid Review of General Endocrinology)

Manual of Endocrinology and Metabolism (Lippincott Manual Series)
This is a must-read for all fellows in training. The most recent version includes relevant landmark clinical trials. The authors present their rich clinical experience in a simple and easy-to-read format. As an endocrinology fellow, you have an enquiring mind, and this book will settle those queries in a time-efficient manner. 

Endocrine Secrets is a favorite of not only endocrinology fellows, but internal medicine residents and medical students (MS3 and MS4 on clinical endocrinology rotations). The 7th Edition was released on 7th August 2019. It presents endocrinology pearls in a simple question-and-answer format.
If you are familiar with the secrets series, you might choose this as your daily endocrinology self-study text over the Lippincott Manual series.

Preparing for Presentations during Endocrinology Fellowship

“For more than 65 years, Williams Textbook of Endocrinology has been the gold standard in the field, delivering authoritative guidance on every aspect of adult and pediatric endocrine system disorders” 13th Edition.
This text should not be your daily learning resource. It will take three lifetimes to complete. Use it as a reference material instead. You might have free online access through your program’s library. 

“Endotext is a unique 3 million-word authoritative, comprehensive, continuously up-dated, downloadable, free online textbook, written by 400 experts, and oriented to physicians caring for patients with Endocrine disease…” Endotext.org 

Important Clinical Trials in Endocrinology and Diabetes Care

Various landmark trials in endocrinology and diabetes care have been presented using visual abstracts. Alternatively, you may try this introductory course to landmark trials in endocrinology here.


Infographics are increasingly being utilized to disseminate medical knowledge to both the scientific and non-scientific communities. Landmark clinical trials are traditionally presented in either purely text-based complete or abstract formats that might inadvertently discourage trainees from perusing them. Educational theories that highlight the dual principle of sensory input can improve short-term memory and, as a result, translate into the consolidation of newly acquired knowledge into long-term memory. 

Educational theories applied in developing an infographic-based online learning resource about landmark clinical trials in endocrinology will be described. Various learning theories, including cognitivist, behaviorist, and cognitivist models of multimedia learning, were implemented during the design process.

Preparing for the Endocrinology Board Exams

A recent forum post about endocrinology board preparation tips. 

Visual Abstracts

Disseminating scientific research in an engaging and easily digestible way