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Endocrinology fellows in training as with trainees in all disciplines are confronted with these questions, what are the best learning resources in my sub-discipline? The best books for endocrinology fellowship?

The challenge of studying a broad field like endocrinology can be overwhelming to a first-year endocrinology fellow. These recommended resources are based on personal experiences and may not be suitable for everyone. They are, however, a good starting point.

Endocrinology Podcasts

Endocrine News Podcast

This podcast from the Endocrine Society features various leading experts in endocrinology. This can be listened to during your commute to work or on days when reading fatigue sets in. Available on both Google music or Apple itunes.

The Lancet Endocrinology Podcast

This is a free podcast from The Lancet (Diabetes and Endocrinology) Journal. It also features leading experts in the field of endocrinology discussing landmark clinical trials. It can be streamed from the apple itunes app.

Direct Patient Care...

Choice of Handbook (Pick either Tarascon or the Oxford Handbook)
Direct patient care refers to the resources needed in the clinic and on ward rounds. It applies to both clinical and research fellows. As an endocrinology fellow, your responsibilities include taking a full history and physical and formulating a treatment plan. Balancing this with a pre-presentation review of the literature can be daunting in a fast-paced clinic or inpatient setting where time is a limited resource.


The Tarascon Adult Endocrinology Pocketbook.
A pocket-sized book is critical in perusing high yield facts on the go. Diseases are grouped by pathophysiology, clinical features, investigations, treatment, and follow up. This book is ideal in the clinic or on the wards and allows for a quick review of facts. Kindly keep this in the side pocket of your white coat.

Expectations : It is a supplementary text and should be seen as such. 
ISBN-13: 978-1449648565
ISBN-10: 1449648568


Oxford American Handbook of Endocrinology and Diabetes
This is an excellent alternative to the Tarascon handbook. It might be a favorite of fellows familiar with the oxford handbook series. In contrast to the Tarascon handbook, which presents facts in a bulleted format, this text is more akin to a “mini-textbook.” Sentences are concise and follow the natural presentation of a textbook. It might be more suitable for people who find a recurring list of bulleted sentences visually unstimulating.

Expectations: It is a supplementary text. The current version is outdated.  

ISBN-13: 978-0195374285)
ISBN-10: 0195374282
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Choice of self-study material (Choose one of these)

As a fellow-in-training, the time allotted for personal study is indeed limited. Do not fall into the trap of using large reference texts for self-study. These large reference texts will be reviewed later.
Using resources with a more concise presentation style is reasonable and will enrich your learning experience. Learning is a lifelong commitment in the field of medicine, as such, do not expect to learn “everything” about endocrinology during fellowship training. The goal of fellowship training is to arm you with a good understanding of endocrinology to make you a safe practitioner. 

Self-Study Books

Manual of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Manual of Endocrinology and Metabolism (Lippincott Manual Series)
This is a must-read for all fellows in training. The most recent version includes relevant landmark clinical trials. The authors present their rich clinical experience in a simple and easy to read format. As an endocrinology fellow, you have an enquiring mind, and this book will settle those queries in a time efficient manner. 
Expectations: Some topics are dense in content. Overall an excellent study resource.
ISBN-13: 978-1496322647
ISBN-10: 1496322649
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Endocrine Secrets

Endocrine Secrets (7th Edition)
Endocrine Secrets is a favorite of not only endocrinology fellows, but internal medicine residents and medical students (MS3 and MS4 on clinical endocrinology rotations). The 6th edition though a masterpiece has been outdated for some time now. The 7th edition was released on 7th August 2019.
It presents endocrinology pearls in a simple question and answer format.
If you are familiar with the secrets series, you might choose this as your daily endocrinology self-study text over the Lippincott Manual series.
Expectations: Concise and efficient self-study resource. Pick this if your study time is limited.
ISBN-13: 978-0323624282
ISBN-10: 0323624286
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Literature Review and preparing for oral presentations

Williams Textbook of Endocrinology

Williams Textbook of Endocrinology
“For more than 65 years, Williams Textbook of Endocrinology has been the gold standard in the field, delivering authoritative guidance on every aspect of adult and pediatric endocrine system disorders” 13th Edition.
This text should not be your daily learning resource. It will take three lifetimes to complete. Use it as a reference material instead. You might have free online access through your program’s library. 
The Williams textbook is quite expensive; however, you can get it for free. Medtronic MiniMed Inc has a free textbook program for endocrinology fellows for each year of fellowship training. Complete a registration form on the Medtronic website to access these free textbooks. 
Expectations: A dense and overwhelming reference text — use it as such!
ISBN-13: 978-0323297387
ISBN-10: 0323297382


Endotext.Org (The Uptodate of Endocrinology)
“Endotext is a unique 3 million-word authoritative, comprehensive, continuously up-dated, downloadable, free online textbook, written by 400 experts, and oriented to physicians caring for patients with Endocrine disease. These physicians come to Endotext for up-to-the-minute information useful in their clinical practice.” 
Expectations : We love this free endocrinology resource. Articles are written by luminaries in the field of endocrinology. Go to 

Research Resources...

Successful Grant Writing, 4th Edition: Strategies for Health and Human Service Professionals 

This is an excellent introductory text on the processes involved in writing a research grant. Endocrinology fellows on a research track will find this very helpful.
ISBN-13: 978-0826100900
ISBN-10: 9780826100900
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