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Anatomy (Ultrasound views)

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PART I : Anatomy of the neck and thyroid gland (ultrasound views)

Fig 1.0 Transverse view of the thyroid gland showing relevant anatomic relations of the thyroid gland.

SQT = Subcutaneous tissue

AF = Anterior layer of the deep cervical fascia

SCM = Sternocleidomastoid muscle

SHM = Sternohyoid muscle

STM = Sternothyroid muscle

MR = Midline raphe for the fascia surrounding the SHM and STM muscles.

CCA = Common carotid artery

ITA = Inferior thyroid artery

IJV = Internal jugular vein

E = esophagus

PSM/LCM = Paraspinal muscle/longus colli muscle

Fig 2.0 Doppler ultrasound showing the left thyroid lobe and it’s relation to the internal jugular vein (IJV), Internal Carotid Artery (large pulsating vessel in the middle) and inferior thyroid artery.

The esophagus may lie behind either the left or right thyroid lobe. It can be errorneously identified as a thyroid nodule. Asking the patient to swallow will show areas of peristalsis.

Fig 3.0 Identifying the esophagus (outlined by dots).

Figure 4.0 Peristalsis of the esophagus noted on deglutition.