Endocrine Pathophysiology

Learn Endocrine Pathophysiology - Beyond the Basics!

Endocrinology Questions

Questions more suitable for endocrinology board review. The quizzes are grouped by individual organs with emphasis on endocrine pathophysiology. Multiple choice questions with detailed answers and references. This is a growing question bank and undergoes scheduled updates

Featured Contributor

Avinindita Nura Lestari, or Dita, is a medical student based in Bandung, Indonesia, who loves to make illustrations. She graduated from Universitas Islam Bandung in 2019. To Dita, colorful visual infographics : sketches, diagrams, mindmaps, are very helpful in learning medicine, not to mention, with the help of jazz playlists and podcasts too. 

She makes illustrations that are engaging enough for visual learners. 

Dita assisted us during our recent book project – Endocrine Pathophysiology : A Concise Guide to The Physical Exam. We are excited to have her on our team. 

The musical chords of Diabetes Mellitus

The ever-evolving literature of diabetes pathophysiology. From the triumvirate to the ominous Octet and now, the Egregious Eleven. We will briefly review the musical chords of the diabetes mellitus tune!

What are the learning resources for fellowship?

Endocrinology fellows in training as with trainees in all disciplines are confronted with these questions, what are the best learning resources in my sub-discipline? The best books for endocrinology fellowship?

Why did I choose endocrinology?

Okay, so you have decided or are considering endocrinology as a future career. I will try and address the following questions…how competitive is endocrinology fellowship? Fellowship length, why choose endocrinology, what is a typical workday like for a community-based endocrinologist etc. 

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